Our Race Time Technicians obsess about every little detail of your bike. We strive to return the bike to you in the best possible condition, each time we service it we wish to get it to a ‘like new’ state.

The correct
skills and tools
The attention to detail

Our Packages

Silver £65

We don’t do any subpar servicing here - our most basic level is far greater than most. With our silver service you can rest assured that your bike is back up to a level that you will be proud to ride. Our technicians will replace any brake and shift cables needed to reduce friction. The whole drivetrain will be degreased and cleaned. Your wheels will be trued precisely and shifting will be spot on. We test ride the bike before giving it a final clean to make sure that everything is right for you to jump on and ride on. 


The silver service is perfect for keeping your ride at its best, peace of mind with when you have an upcoming big sportive/race or lifting your bike up again after a few too many hard rides.

Gold £95

This is our most common service. We take pride in achieving the best riding possible. This involves removing every component down to the base frame, each part is hand cleaned and checked for any signs of wear, then reassembled using the correct grease/adhesive and torqued up properly every time. With both wheels in the truing stand, we check the tension of each spoke, replace bearings and inspect every inch to make sure it will be spinning freely for you. Bottom brackets and headsets will be stripped, cleaned and regreased or replaced. Our technicians love to polish the frame ensuring your bike looks as good as it rides.


The gold service should be your main service each year. This is the best way to extend the life of your bike for many more years with you enjoying each and every mile. Can be used for replacing group sets and restorations.

Gold £95

Platinum £155

This is no ordinary ‘strip and rebuild’. The platinum is the very best service your bike can ever have. The mantra is anything that can be taken apart will be. Every single bolt will be removed, cleaned and re-greased. When was the last time your limit screws were checked and reapplied with threadlocker? If a component can be taken apart, we will check the internals and service as required. Every speck of dirt is removed and many layers of polish added to bring the frame to a gleam. The rebuild is finished using only the parts and cables with care taken to match every part to your bike perfectly.


The platinum service is the very best treatment your bike can have. Nothing else compares to the care and passion our technicians will give. This is not ‘like new’, this will be a ‘better than new bike’.

Other Repairs

Our technicians have the skills and tools to carry out any and all work on your bike. We can recommend and fit new finishing kits, update a DI2 groupset, full bike builds, wheel truing and builds, or even a simple inner tube replace. Give us a call, text or email with details about what you need and what we can do to help.


All other work is charged at £38 per hour with no minimum callout charge. So even if you only need a small job doing, get in contact and we will get it done.

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